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Working on your leadership skills daily will help you advance at work. When you’re in a leadership position, it’s easier to work on your leadership skills, but you don’t have to be in a traditional leadership role to become a leader.  Here are three ways to improve your behaviors and get on your supervisor’s promotion list.

Define Your Role

As a project manager, you must decide whether you or a colleague is best-suited to lead a project. By allowing team members responsibility for parts of the project and updating progress on their tasks, you’re free to engage in key oversight activities that team members aren’t able to handle. You can manage the financials, perform resource management and analysis, and report your project’s status to executives and customers daily. You’ll realize much greater job satisfaction and success by empowering your team mates to make project decisions and have more control over the finished product. Your supervisors will take notice of your cohesive team’s production and keep you in mind for future promotions, salary increases, and other recognition.

Respond to Needs

Listening and responding to staff members’ needs on a personal level is vital. In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, workers often have more responsibilities than time to finish them. Stress, confusion and frustration often result. Work that goes unfinished affects other team members’ production. When a situation arises, take the time to collect information, ask questions, and respond with an appropriate answer. Enlist help from others when needed. Give positive reinforcement to your team for bringing up project-related issues and sharing information to collaboratively solve the problem. Your colleagues will work harder knowing you have their backs and are helping them achieve their work goals. Your supervisor will appreciate your company loyalty and keep you in mind for higher-level projects and bonuses.

Obtain Feedback

Asking your teammates how you can improve grows your leadership skills. Inquire about how well you listen and effectively communicate, delegate responsibility and provide direction, take action, cultivate talents, motivate your team, and handle related topics. You’ll understand colleagues’ communication styles so you can better motivate them to fulfill their tasks. Your staff will know you care and are comfortable having them share their opinions of you. By continually acting on feedback and improving yourself, you’re setting a standard of constant learning and healthy growth for each member of your organization to follow. Your workers will perform better, increasing your team’s and company’s success.

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By following these guidelines, you can become a better leader. For additional help showing off your leadership skills, reach out to the friendly staff at CarterWill Search & Flex today!

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