Bad Boss


Nobody likes having a bad boss who acts more like a dictator than a mentor. Follow these guidelines so your staff members want to follow you.

Make Time for Staff

Devoting time and resources to your staff members’ professional development are a productive investment. When you show interest in your employees’ futures and help them grow professionally, they feel valued. Workers are better equipped to perform their jobs and move into new roles. Staff feel greater job satisfaction and become more engaged and productive. Employees become more loyal to your company, so you spend less time and money on hiring and training new workers. By creating processes and training your employees, you streamline your business and set yourself up for growth.

Credit Your Team

Rewarding contributions to team output encourages workers to engage better and create more efficient output. Workers will be more honest about their roles in reaching team goals and highlight others’ contributions to show a cohesive company culture. Colleagues will recognize each other for their efforts, so everyone takes pride in their work. Credit is always divisible, so share it openly with your team members. They’ll feel fulfilled and be motivated to increase future performance.

Allow Collaboration

Working collaboratively promotes creativity, improves productivity, and encourages healthy colleague relationships. Employees perform tasks more quickly and effectively when they collaborate therefore staff feel more responsible and are more motivated to perform when sharing skills and ideas. Offering various perspectives helps provide more innovative solutions. Working together instills a strong sense of purpose toward reaching a common goal. Members have equal opportunities to communicate their ideas. Colleagues are challenged to think about their competencies and realize their strengths and areas needing improvement. Continuous learning for growth and development is encouraged. Employees feel greater job satisfaction and remain loyal to your company longer. Workers expand their comfort zones and take your company to higher levels.

Be Professionally Friendly

Be friendly yet professional when interacting with your staff while still holding underperforming workers accountable for their poor output and remind them your company’s needs must be met. Keep your private life private to prevent employees who aren’t as close to you from feeling left out and resentful. Set an example by speaking positively about others and not engaging in gossip. Make direct, substantial work requests to your employees so they feel trusted and can grow rather than take on all the work yourself.  Therefore your employees will respect you more and remain loyal to your company longer.

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