There will be times when you need to decide whether you should keep your current job or move to another position. Since this decision affects every aspect of your life, it’s important you allow clear thought and planning before making your choice. Follow these guidelines when deciding whether you’re making a career change for the right reasons.

Focus on Your Motivation

Take note of your true motivation for wanting a career change. Perhaps you want to feel more connected with co-workers by joining a new team. Maybe you want a promotion, pay increase or more travel time. Your personal life may have changed, such as through marriage or having a child. It could be you’ve been dreaming about relocating and are ready to take action. Whatever your reasons, ensure they’re worth taking the time and energy to change careers and that your decision will have positive long-term effects on your family.

Talk Yourself Into a New Career

If you’re feeling disengaged with your current line of work, believe you’ve progressed as far as you can in your profession, or originally started working in your field because a family member thought you’d be good at it, this may be time for a new career path. Ensure you discuss your career change with a trusted family member or friend who can remain objective about your situation. They’ll be better able to help you see your circumstances rationally and point out issues you may not have considered.

Ensure You Are Comfortable With Your Decision

Although you’ll most likely be a bit nervous about your career change, make sure it positively affects your life. Focus on having an exciting opportunity given to you so you may pursue a new passion. Remain positive about all the new skills and experiences you’ll gain from getting a fresh start. Trust that you’re doing what’s best for your family and yourself. Your new position may end up being your dream job.

Although you’re responsible for deciding whether you make a career change, you don’t have to go through the process alone. Reach out to a leading recruiter in Wilmington, Tampa and New York and work with CarterWill Search & Flex today.

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