Although increasing numbers of millennials are entering the workforce, many employers believe they’re not equipped for leadership roles. Here are four ways you can show you’re able to lead at any age.

Discover Problems and Create Solutions

As a leader, you’re expected to solve problems as they occur and make every effort to prevent them from happening again. It’s important you consider all angles of each issue, including its immediate influence on the company as well as potential long-term effects, to find the most effective way of solving the problem. You’ll need to promote strong communication skills and transparency so all involved parties can express their opinions and concerns in a safe environment. Using the information gathered, you’ll need to create an action plan for resolving the issue and hold the affected parties accountable for the results. Your strong communication skills will help break down silos that tend to form within companies, which will increase teamwork among various departments and strengthen the organization as a whole.

Be a Subject Matter Expert

Becoming a subject matter expert (SME) shows you possess a deep comprehension of a specific machine, process, function, material, technology or type of equipment. As a result, you’ll be in high demand for employers with specific technical needs. Your assistance may be needed for working through an especially challenging issue requiring highly specialized knowledge, giving you an even greater advantage over other workers.

Secure an Internal Mentor

By finding a mentor within the organization, you’re establishing your credibility as a leader. You collaborate with a seasoned professional for increasing your knowledge and skill set while gaining experience in your field. As a result, you become more frequently recognized for your contributions, gain more contacts within the business, and increase your value to the organization. By cultivating a mentor relationship, you’re more likely to remain with the company longer, giving you increased career opportunities with greater leadership roles.

Find an Employer Focused on Results

It’s important you work for an employer more focused on getting results than on how young you are. Ensure you can demonstrate examples of how you utilized creativity, critical thinking, communication skills and team work for the betterment of a group. Also, continue staying current with changes in technology, as your knowledge and ability will most likely affect the job you secure. In addition, ensure you can demonstrate ethical decision making, as employers consider that a necessary part of bringing someone into their business.

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