In the increasingly complex world of finance, having a degree is not enough to get you the job you want. It’s important you have something distinctive that sets you apart from everyone else. Here are four ways continuing education helps you keep a competitive edge in the finance industry.

Shows Desire for Career Improvement

By regularly continuing your education, you demonstrate your ongoing desire to improve your career.  Continuing education helps you understand the financial profession more deeply so you can relate it to your purpose and perform on a higher level. Also, you stay on top of often-changing laws and regulations that affect how you perform your duties. You also fulfill financial compliance requirements and create higher standards for yourself. As a result, you’re more likely to stay at your job longer because you remain more engaged in your work. This allows plenty of time for moving up in the organization.

Creates a Strong Job Candidate

By participating in continuing education, you set yourself up as a strong job candidate. As more workers attain academic degrees, it’s important you continue updating your knowledge, skills and experience so you fill employers’ needs better than other candidates could. This is especially important in the finance sector, where advances occur quickly and change is constant. By regularly increasing your education level, you remain updated on current practices and evolve along with the industry. Your employer and your clients will trust you to perform at top levels because you focus heavily on learning.

Promotes Networking at In-Person Conferences

When participating in conferences as part of your continuing education, you have excellent opportunities for networking with experts in the financial field. You’ll meet colleagues from all over the state, country or world while discovering the newest innovations in the financial sector. You’ll benefit from learning different perspectives and setting new goals while discussing your own ideas and thoughts. In addition, you’ll gain insight into career advancement, best practices and ways you can perform at higher levels. Best of all, you’ll return to work invigorated from your time away and wanting to use your new knowledge to better complete your tasks.

Encourages Networking During Online Conferences  

Participating in online conferences helps you network in nontraditional ways. Online conferences typically discuss a broad topic and break it down into sessions, panel discussions, interviews and social media events. You can participate in specific breakout sessions, ask questions and access the conference at a later time to refresh your learning. You can then write about what you learned and post it on LinkedIn, other social media or online groups to share your knowledge and cultivate new relationships.

Work With a Leader in Financial Compliance Recruitment

Continue educating yourself so you stay current in the financial field and continue advancing your career. For help securing your next position, get in touch with the financial compliance recruiters at CarterWill Search and Flex today!


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