Chances are you’re searching for your next financial role, but not having any success. Perhaps you’re not being called in for interviews or hearing back after meeting with a hiring manager. Here are five mistakes you may be making that are preventing you from securing a new position.

Lacking a Plan 

When you lack a plan for your job search, you won’t receive the results you want. It’s important you follow a plan so you know what you’re looking for and what steps you need to take. For example, decide what job title you want to secure. Reach out to your network and ask if they can help you reach your goal. Customize your cover letter and resume for each job posting. Highlight why you’re interested in the position and how your skills and experience relate. Thank everyone who helps with your search.

Having a Negative Attitude

Because nobody wants to hire or work with a negative person, your attitude may be detrimental to finding your next role. Have a positive attitude so you stand out from other candidates, especially if you all have similar qualifications. You’ll be more likable, better able to fit in with company culture and more likely to get hired.

Failing to Research the Company

By not researching the company you’re interviewing with, you give the impression of simply wanting a job rather than caring where you work. It’s in your best interest to learn all you can about the company before your interview. Use the company website to determine what products and services they offer, what challenges they face, who their competitors are and how the company is different from others. Also, discover what is most important to the employer and what needs you may help fill.

Not Selling Yourself

If you don’t sell yourself during the interview, you’re going to be passed over for someone who does. You need to show how you’ll solve specific problems by being hired. For example, using information from the job posting, give concrete examples of how you saved a previous employer time or money or increased revenue and how you can do the same for the current company. Talk in more detail about your skills and experience listed on your resume and how they can impact the company you want to work for.

Losing Focus  

You may be tempted to lose your focus when not securing a job offer. Therefore, it’s important you continue developing habits that can help you land a position. For example, read books that give you additional insight into your job search. Implement a new networking source that may lead you to a job. Stay open to learning so you uncover opportunities that may help you secure your next role.

Work With a Leading Financial Compliance Recruiter

By knowing some areas in which you may be falling behind, you’re better prepared for making changes to obtain the role you desire. For assistance with securing your next financial role, reach out to the financial compliance recruiting experts at CarterWill Search and Flex!

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