When you encourage open communication in your company, you benefit from the knowledge, talent and insight each of your employees brings to your organization. Your workers feel like valued team members, perform at higher levels and help move your company forward. Here are some tips for increasing constructive discussion within your business.

Interview for Independent Thinkers

When interviewing a candidate, ask questions to determine whether they think independently. For example, ask the candidate about a time they had to disagree with an authority figure and stand their ground. Find out what the situation was, how the other person reacted, and what the candidate did. Look for an authentic response that shows vulnerability. Standing up to an authority figure can be challenging, and you want someone who’s willing to do that. Also, ask the candidate about a time when a direct report pushed back about an issue and felt strongly about their position. Find out what the situation was, what the other person said and how the candidate reacted. You’ll uncover what type of leader the candidate is and whether they invite people to speak their minds. A strong leader is willing to admit their mistakes and think things through more clearly.

Hire Employees Who Speak Their Mind

Bring aboard employees who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. You want workers at all levels to provide constructive criticism to colleagues, management and executives so they may improve their output and help your company grow. You also want leaders who welcome pushback. They’re more open to gaining new information, reevaluating issues, and making better decisions for company progress.

Avoid “Yes” People

Don’t surround yourself with people who always agree with you. For your company to succeed, you need a team of engaged employees who ask questions, respectfully challenge others’ ideas and take ownership moving your business forward. Communicate your vision and direction for your company, then let your employees help make decisions for running your business. Clearly define roles for each worker based on their strengths and interests. Encourage workers to develop personally and professionally. Create a path for each employee to progress within your organization. Let your workers fail so they may learn to improve. Reward successful behaviors and results.

Challenge Employees Not to Conform

When challenging your employees not to conform, they generate ideas that are potentially better than the ones currently being used. Through group brainstorming sessions, your workers may discuss any idea that comes to mind. They may build on or challenge a concept already brought up or open a discussion about an entirely different topic. Collaboration helps enhance ideas through gathering different ways of thinking and creating.

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