As a highly trained professional, companies are competing to have you work for them. However, you may not be ready to change positions right now. Here are some suggestions on what to do if a recruiter calls and you aren’t looking for a job.

Call the Recruiter Back

When you have a few moments away from work, get a pen and paper ready and call the recruiter back. Find out why they’re trying to reach you. Take notes on what they say. If the recruiter has a job opening you’d be perfect for, ask questions to determine whether the position may be of interest to you. For example, find out where the company is located, what products or services it provides, the industry it’s in, and why the opportunity is available. Determine how long the role has been vacant and how urgently it needs to be filled.

Obtain More Information

Even if you’re not looking to change jobs at the moment, obtain further details about the opportunity. Ask what the three biggest qualifications are that the company is searching for. You’ll know very quickly whether you truly qualify and will avoid wasting time if you’re not. Find out what the job description is so you know what may be expected of you. Ensure the role stretches your skill set, offers more responsibility and fits your interests. Determine whether the recruiter is working with the company exclusively. If so, your odds of interviewing with the hiring manager are greater. Ask about the compensation package. Make sure the salary, benefits and perks are greater than what you currently receive. Find out what the interview process is. You’ll know approximately how much time to set aside for meeting with the hiring manager.

Consider Meeting the Recruiter

If you decide to meet with the recruiter, prepare as you would for a job interview. Dress professionally. Bring your resume. Ask more in-depth questions about the company and the position. Show how your skills, experience and personality make you the most qualified candidate. Thank the recruiter for their time. Make the best impression possible because the recruiter will be backing you if you interview with the hiring manager.

Prepare for an Interview    

If you decide to take an interview with the company, prepare accordingly. Visit the company’s website and take notes on key facts and information that make you want to work for the organization. Learn all you can about its competitors and the industry. Update your LinkedIn profile. Include a headline that states who you are professionally, a profile that lists your education and work experience, and recommendations from current or former colleagues, managers and executives. Be prepared to go into detail about items listed on your resume.

Work with a Top Financial Compliance Recruiter

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