Although you hire the best financial compliance candidates, they may not be collaborating as well as they could be. As a result, your company may not be moving in the direction you’d like. Follow these tips for authentically relating to your employees and helping them work together to increase production.

Know Your Company Environment

Talk about your organization’s size, work-life balance, leadership style and office structure. Based on your employees’ answers, determine which environment they’re most productive in. Do your best to tailor their job or workspace or your leadership style accordingly. One employee may want a quiet work area, another may like a fast-paced environment, and a third may prefer a more structured system. By making reasonable accommodations that align with the type of environment your employees prefer, you increase production and help your workers reach company goals.

Take Small Steps Toward Change

After determining what changes need to be made, take small steps toward implementing them. Improve communication by providing each employee with real-time constructive feedback. They’ll know which actions to continue taking and which need modifying. Your workers will feel like valued members of your organization and want to improve their performance. Also, show gratitude for your employees’ work. Having their contributions recognized will result in your workers being more enthusiastic, innovative and productive. In addition, allow flexibility with your employees setting their own schedule. When they’re able to take care of personal needs during the day, your workers know you care for their well-being, feel more secure, and remain loyal to your company longer.

Ensure You Get Through to Each Employee

Post a strategic plan outlining your company’s core values, purpose and goals in a central area accessible to everyone. Post each employee’s progress toward goals so leaders know who’s on track and which areas need more attention. Also, hold your workers accountable for their individual and team performance by using specific metrics. Let them help make company decisions so they have ownership in business goals and know they’re impacting the company’s future. In addition, encourage a culture of open communication and collaboration to build trust among your employees. Your workers will connect with the bigger picture and work together in moving your company forward.

Work With a Top Financial Compliance Recruiter

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