If you’ve been with the same company for a while, you probably feel settled in your financial compliance job. As comforting as that may feel, you could be missing out on something that may help you feel even greater fulfillment. Here are some tips for determining whether you’re happy with your career or need a change.

Follow Your Passion

Because you spend so much time at work, choose a career that aligns with your passion. You’ll want to go to work each day because you care about what you do. You won’t mind coming in early or staying late because you feel connected to your accomplishments. You’ll enjoy taking on additional tasks and helping others in your department because you know your contributions enhance the future of the organization. You’re more creative in finding solutions to problems and efficiently finishing your work. Whether you make a lot of money is not as important as how fulfilled you feel from your career. Although money may buy things that temporarily make you happy, time invested in doing what you love will consistently make you happier.

Ensure Happiness With Your Job

You need to feel respected by everyone in the organization, to trust senior management and know your position is secure because of honest communication and transparency within the company. Also, you need a positive work environment, clear path for career development and a competitive salary with benefits package. Being happy with your job makes you more engaged, creative and productive. You work more efficiently, approach problems more constructively and remain loyal to the company longer.

Try Something New

Think about how you may either alter your current position so it better fits your needs, or do the work you really want to do. Think about the steps you can take to secure the changes you want. If you’d like to work in a different industry, create a side business you can cultivate in your off hours. Ensure you set aside adequate time and money for your business so it has a chance to grow. Once you’re generating enough income, you may decide to quit your job and focus completely on your business.

Enhance Your Life

Working at a job you love enhances your quality of living. Spending much of your time being happy lowers your stress level and potential for depression, high blood pressure and other mental or physical health issues. Finding fulfillment in your work helps you set and achieve goals for personal aspects of your life. You may decide to run a marathon, hold political office or travel the world. In addition, having a positive mindset throughout your working life will prepare you for being happy in retirement.

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