Is your organization considering enlisting the help of a staffing agency? Wondering how to communicate with a firm to yield the best results, forge the best relationships, and gain the best talent possible? We are here to simplify it for you, because we get it: it’s hard to tell which staffing firm is the best fit for your company’s needs.

So, what will a great staffing firm be looking for?

  1. To know about your organization:

A staffing firm dedicated to finding a quality candidate for your position will want to learn about your company to ensure they find a great match, that will not just earn them the commission check, but also be a valuable placement that is going to last and be worth your investment. This means the staffing firm will want to learn about your environment: what is the pace? What is the management style? A great staffing firm would also want to learn about your culture: what are the employees like? Is the culture casual or formal? What is unique about the company? They will also seek out information about your history and experiences: what kinds of employees have thrived? What is a characteristic that makes an employee a perfect fit? Finally, a great staffing firm is going to seek to understand your industry. Understanding exactly what market space your company is competing in and the nuances that require specialized experience will ensure they find a great match. This information will help them staff more like your inside recruiters would: with knowledge and understanding about the organization.

  1. To know about your needs:

A staffing firm’s role is to serve you and aid in staffing needs. This means they will want to know the basics: what positions are you currently hiring for? Which positions do you anticipate needing a new associate for soon? This will not only help the staffing firm serve you, but perhaps guide you to think further out and anticipate needs before they arise. Great things to consider for this conversation are whether or not you have an upcoming busy season? Are there any potential expansions on the horizon? Being ahead of the curve and preparing for future needs can make transitions and expansions much simpler and will usually result in a great candidate early in your search.

  1. To know about your process:

A staffing firm becomes an extension of your organization. As such, it is important for them to understand your process. This will enhance their understanding of your organization’s needs, and ensure they are presenting the candidates with accurate information along the way. This will mean knowing about your interview process: including how many rounds of interviews you will conduct and what those interviews will entail. The staffing firm will also seek to understand your timeline. While a great staffing firm will always aim to expedite the process and find exceptional matches fast, they will want to make sure they know your deadlines and desires so they can serve you best. Finally, they will want to understand exactly what your organization is looking for. Is this a contract position? Permanent? Temp to hire? A staffing firm will always seek to understand these crucial details so they can help you best.

  1. To know the results:

Finally, once a placement has been made, a great staffing firm will want to know your thoughts on the process. How did the candidate(s) work out? Are they performing well? A great staffing firm will still be interested in the quality of the candidate once the process is over. They will also want to know when you want to do it again.

Working with a staffing firm can be confusing. Every firm seems the same at first blush and it’s difficult to trust something as crucial as recruiting to an outside organization. Look for a firm that is genuinely interested in more than just getting a job order- who seeks to truly understand your needs and build a relationship with your organization. If you are looking to start a relationship with a staffing firm who stands out from the rest: CarterWill Search is here for you. Discover the CarterWill Search Difference today.

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